Our Core Team:

Susanne T Venø, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Has 10+ years of research experience in Molecular Biology and ABB Executive Education from IE Business School.

Morten T Venø, PhD

Co-founder, Chief Technical Officer 

Has been working with RNA NGS for 15+ years in Denmark and USA. Morten has broad experience with RNA NGS.

Marni Tausen, PhD

Senior Data Scientist

PhD in bioinformatics, with a BSc in biology. Experience with AI, ML, and advanced at Python, R, Shiny and SQL.

Yan Yan, PhD

Co-founder, Chief Scientific Officer

Has 9+ years of experience working with RNA NGS. Her special expertise is low input samples.

Junyi Su, cand scient

Laboratory Manager

Has 7+ years of experience with RNA NGS. He has optimized and executed some of the most difficult NGS techniques.

Our Advisors:

Jørgen Lindskov Knudsen, Ph.D. 

Business advisor

Longtime business owner and CEO of Mjølner Informatics. Expert in company development from  start-up to a professional company.

Jørgen Kjems, Ph.D.

Scientific Advisor

Professor, former director of iNano at Aarhus University and leading expert in Nanomedicine.

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