Step-by-step overview of the workflow for a complete project

At omiics you will have professionally prepared sample, sequencing, quality control, data processing, coding, and interpretation of your results. Having NGS experts by your side through the whole process ensures you can trust your results and focus on the science.

Initial consultation

Design your solution together with one of our NGS expert

Sample preparation

RNA extraction and quality control

Library preparation

Library construction and quality control using your RNA


Deep sequencing of libraries with optimal read depth 


Data analysis and statisitics  based on your research questions



Use our interactive tool for exploring your data 

Report and follow-up

A written final report detailing the process for your samples and discuss it with an expert  

We are more than just another sequencing service offering a "standard report"

- We offer customized, full- or functional NGS solutions for your project.  From the initial contact to the final report, your project will be handled by internationally renowned NGS project managers.

We have experience in many areas of RNA NGS. We have built customized solutions for everything from extra-cellular fluids (cell-free samples) to single-cell to whole-tissue. At our initial consultation, we discuss what will be a good starting point for your project- what is possible and what is relevant.

In your report, we provide some standard figures and tables, and access to our exclusive interactive tool so you can explore your own data- regardless of your background in bioinformatics. At our follow-up consultation we will discuss your results and tailor the visualizations to fit your needs. 

Ready to get started?

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