Your data in your hands. We provide a detailed report of procedures and results, along with our comments

Our aim is to make NGS results easy and assessable, even for users with no prior experience with the technology.

We prepare a written report with the procedure and results, where we include comments on quality and suggestions for interpretations, as well as, the details required for the method section in case of publication. Furthermore, we offer a discussion of your results to make sure that any given questions you may have are answered.

Detailed report describing procedures, results and data quality

Catalogue of every difference in RNA levels between samples

Plots for visual presentation of significant trends


The final product includes:

1. A detailed written report (pdf).

This includes:


  • Extraction and library preparation kits used
  • Technique used for quality control
  • Sequencing technology



  • Method for filtering and quality control of raw data
  • Overview of analysis performed and list of figures and tables included.
  • The figures of main interest are shown and commented in the report.

To see specific examples of report material for individual analysis see the bioinformatics section.

2. Publication-grade images of plots, graphs and other visual represenations (300dpi)

3. Tables in excel

In each case, extended information and analyses are possible.

Publications and Image Gallery

Publications and Image Gallery

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Case Studies

Case Studies

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